5 Reasons To Love Chambray

Chambray, denim’s slightly more refined cousin, has been making quite the waves in the fashion stakes. The hype around chambray can be a bit of an enigma: with its humble men’s workwear roots, why have stylish women everywhere become so hooked on it? We investigate.

1. It goes with everything
Seriously. And you can say that about a lot of classic textiles, but chambray gives a dose of effortless cool to any, and we mean any, outfit. One only needs to scour a few style blogs to see a rich variance of looks - a chambray shirt atop a tutu, with leather trousers, a maxi skirt and even lending itself to beach-chic over a bikini. And yes, even with denim (IE the Canadian tuxedo) if the cut is right.

2. That texture
Part of its appeal is the oft-overlooked element of texture. The lightweight classic is a plain weave with an intricate effect because only half of the threads in the weaves are dyed. The result is compelling.

3. American-woman appeal
There’s something inherently American about chambray, and reminds us of striking girl-next-door 60s models such as Lauren Hutton (top left), who always kept it simple and classic. It’s a look to get behind, wherever you are.


4. Universally flattering
Chambray looks good with everything and somehow makes blue-eyed blondes appear more blonde and blue-eyed, while enhancing olive and darker skin tones to look even more vibrant.

5. Synonymous with summer
Particularly in areas where summer isn’t particularly scorching (ahem, UK) chambray becomes a seasonally appropriate cover-up, especially over a brightly coloured cami, or as a lightweight trouser in lieu of jeans.

The best part - chambray won't date - and will look just as good re-imagined for summer 2016.

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Chambray setL-R: Chambray Shirt, Chambray Shorts

Collage images: whowhatwear.com, shewired.com