8 Things That Are Better ‘Simple’

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, said one Leonardo da Vinci, and he was right of course. With our SS15 men’s collection, we dedicated ourselves to simple back-to-basics pieces, but the philosophy rings true for so much more than style and sweaters.

Here are 8 other things that are best left uncomplicated:

1. Coffee – While we can sometimes appreciate the variations, nothing beats the at-home cafetiere when you have your favourite blend.
2. Workouts – Really – a few kettlebells, sit-ups and a good old-fashioned run do an excellent job at keeping you in shape. Telling your colleagues about your new resistance band method guarantees a wince.


3. Skincare – Cleanse. Moisturise, if you need to. Buy a specific product for a specific concern. But brightening cream is probably unnecessary.
4. Organising your day - Make a to-do list and a corresponding schedule. Tick it off. You don’t need a tiered system or app that will only eat up extra time.


5. Dinner – We’ve accepted kale as its popularity shows no signs of waning, but it seems that every year a new breed of fashionable leafy green has emerged and frankly we can’t keep track. Keep it simple a la Hemsley & Hemsley's Lamb Chops, above.
6. Sundays – Bona fide day of simplicity, Sundays are all about comforting basics: good food, your favourite people, you know the rest.


7. Your tipple – There’s something a lot more dignified about a good whiskey on the rocks or a well-brewed beer than say, a Singapore Sling.
8. Weddings – Even always-in-the-spotlight couples such as Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo know this (they married super simples).





 Image of Rodrigo Santoro (first) courtesy of Details.com