Lee Miller

Cool beauty, Lee Miller

Boyish beauty, Lee Miller

Protégée of Man Ray: surrealist photograph by Lee Miller


So simple, so chic: Lee Miller is a Chinti style icon par excellence

Women during wartime: photo by Lee Miller

Lee Miller, the fashion figure

Brutal reality: Miller caught it all as Vogue's war photographer

Intrepid American model and photographer, Lee Miller, is the latest in A Girl's Gaze, our series on inspirational female photographers past and present. Discovered as a fashion model on the streets of New York in the 1920s, Miller became a Vogue cover girl before moving to Paris to seek out the Surrealist photographer Man Ray with whom she intended to apprentice. Despite his protestations of not taking apprentices, she became his assistant, muse and lover, taking many of the photographs attributed to his name while he concentrated on painting.

During the war years she worked as official war photographer for British Vogue, documenting the blitz. A raving beauty, Miller was also a trailblazer, following her heart and the action regardless of views on how a woman should behave at that time.