Anna and Rachael's Notting Hill Guide

chinti and parker

As longtime residents of Notting Hill, one of London's most iconic neighbourhoods, Chinti and Parker founders Anna and Rachael have had time to discover the areas' best spots. But alas, whether it's about sweets or sweaters, taste can be so individual. Here are their respective faves...


Eats are covered by Ottolenghi for coffee and a lemon tart, E&O for black miso cod, and Granger for eggs and avocado. The yoga room at The Life Centre has a lovely sunroof, while the Museum of Brands and Advertising is a no-brainer stop for someone who loves branding. Finally, a quick schmooze at Electric House. Wear the Shirt Hem Sweater in Fuchsia.





While Rachael is also on-board about Ottolenghi, she'll opt for Taqueria for Mexican and Negozio Classica for an aperitivo. Holland Park's picture-perfect gardens always provide a break from the city buzz, while The Gate is the antidote to the impersonal cinema, and The Globe instantly transports you to the Caribbean (never a bad idea). Wear the Star Sweater.


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