Art Crush: Tauba Auerbach


tauba2A piece from The New Ambidextrous Universe, Auerbach's ICA show

We've been fans of New York based artist, Tauba Auerbach, for some time now, devouring her graphic mathematical patterns and ombre sand effect paintings for both print and colour inspiration as well as sheer pleasure. Needless to say, we hotfooted it to her current show, The New Ambidextrous Universe, at London's ICA. Almost entirely 3-D, the show's works play with the concept of symmetry and asymmetry to striking effect - our absolute favourite pieces were a pair of water jet-cut floor sculptures that comprise meticulously positioned wooden slats that effect the ripples of a still pond disturbed by a stone. A close second was a glass helix positioned on a plinth painted in metallic 'chameleon' paint.

Tauba Auerbach at the ICA is open until 15 June 2014

05-Tauba-Auerbach-ICAImage source: Wallpaper magazine

S Helix', 2014

82TaubaAuerbach1604AImage source: The Evening Standard

Artist Tauba Auerbach at her ICA show


An earlier work - Untitled (Fold) by Tauba Auerbach


Pretty pixels: work by Tauba Auerbach