Chic Fix: His & Hers Stripes

We know what you're thinking - and we can't blame you. Going matchy-matchy with your significant other echoes of Kimye (who are probably the only ones who sometimes pull it off) or Brit and Justin's matching denim debacle circa 2001. Corresponding colours and fabrics - an obvious attempt to exhibit your fondness of one other - can be a little cringe-worthy even to the most die-hard romantic (we get it, you're together). Alas, there are exceptions to every rule. And stripes - casual, timeless - are certainly the exception when it comes to sartorial solidarity. Just look:

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Stripe together, stick together.


Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul Belmondo in Breathless, 1960

cutmypic Contrast stripes - a sartorial yin and yang.


The College Prepster blogger wears matching stripes in Long Island with her boyfriend.

christmas-and-valentine-gifts16Matchy-matchy to the T, and owning it.


Vintage ad with complementary striped rugby shirts.


Could there be a better endorsement than Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson?

Remember, what's good for your relationship is what's good for this look. Keep some of your individuality. If you both go Breton, vary the colours, added detail, cut or width of the stripes.

Work the look this summer with your lad or lady to show your commitment to good style. And each other of course. Here are a few of our favourite striped tops:

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L-R: Men's Pocket T, Women's Hello Goodbye T, Men's Sailor T, Women's Liberty Heart Pocket Sailor, Men's Waffle Sweater, Lightweight Stripe Pointelle Sweater 

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