Chinti and Parker AW14 Moodboard



Chinti and Parker put colour and silhouette in the spotlight for Autumn Winter 2014. The moodboard is a vision of cosy days in full-bodied hues and earthly textures. Layering and tailoring, in florid crimsonnavy and seedling greens, are the cornerstones of the collection. We caught up with Senior Designer Karoline to hear more.


“In general our moodboard isn’t themed or about a girl as most are, ours is much more specific as Chinti & Parker in general is more focused on the garments individually and the collection in depth rather than telling a big story.”


“As colour is really important, our moodboard is mostly images we like for the tonal story they tell. This season we have been inspired by really rich jewel tones, like pea green, egg yolk, electric blue, ruby and scarlet.  They are all really strong shades in their own right, but they also compliment each other. The other half of the palette is more neutral earthly tones. We’ve used the jewel tones as highlights with the earthly hues and mixed the jewel colours together to create stronger more striking pieces, especially for knitwear.  And for the wovens and jerseys we kept the colour palette classic and easy.”


“Half of the moodboard tells a graphic story. The lines, prints and shapes we like inspire the textures, stripe rapport and knitwear. For instance images of dominos or zigzags translate into intarsias and knit textures.”

AW14 Favourites

“I personally love the tailoring story.  As it was new to Chinti, it was the baby of the collection and got a lot of attention. We worked with an amazing manufacturer that created beautiful pieces and the fabric is gorgeous and the finishing is amazing. They are classic Chinti pieces. I also really love the hugs and kisses pattern on the ruffle shirt shape as it is a really quirky take on a classic cut with the detail on the back."

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