Chinti and Parker's Timeless Aran Sweater

Aran Sweater

 Chinti and Parker Aran Sweater

If you live, like we do, in a part of the world that can be so bitterly cold that no matter how many layers you wear, how thick your coat is and how cosy your gloves are, the fierce winds still give you a beating, then the Aran sweater should be your best friend this winter.

Sheltering in Ireland’s Galway Bay, at the mercy of the tireless Atlantic Sea, are the Aran Islands from where the sweater draws its origins. The area is home to a community of talented knitters who use the local thick wool, which monopolises on the natural oils of the sheep and is woven into a lightweight but dense knit to keep the cold out. It is said that each cable pattern denotes a family clan so that, somewhat morbidly, if a sailor was drowned his family could still recognize him by his knitwear.

The dense pattern and practical nature has ensured this style has remained popular for decades.  From Steve McQueen to Alexa Chung, take inspiration on how to wear yours.

Marilyn MonroeSteve McQueen

Steve McQueen looking cool, as always, in an Aran Sweater

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung showing how to dress-up your Aran


Chinti and Parker Aran in bright blue


Chinti and Parker Aran in grey

cp1028n mens

Chinti and Parker Menswear Aran in navy


Chinti and Parker Aran in oatmeal


Chinti and Parker Aran in tomato

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