Community Coffee at The Kiosk Café

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Pascale Pinxt; Chinti Design Consultant and Kiosk Café co-founder

Supporting local industry and growth is as much of a concern at Chinti HQ as creating quality and stylish wardrobe staples.  So when we heard that our Design Consultant, Pascale Pinxt, was joining forces with other Bethnal Green residents to transform an abandoned park shelter into a pop-up café, we were jumping with joy.  And with fresh mint tea (straight from the local community gardens, of course) and home-made ice creams on offer, we can’t think of anywhere we would rather stop on our Sunday morning saunter than this elegant art deco style building.  We only regret that it is not open all-year-round, for this weekend marks the last opening of the Kiosk Café until further notice.  So be sure to pop along and show your community spirit.

Sharing our passion for community (and food!), Pascale reveals how this imaginative enterprise evolved.

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 Interior of the recently renovated Kiosk Café in Bethnal Green

How did your idea to restore the shelter come about? 

I walked past the abandoned building everyday on the way to work and thought it was sad that such an elegant building was not in use. When I started talking about it with friends we realised there was a group of us who should pool resources (ice cream making/ baking/coffee experts/creative visionaries!) and get a café running in it over the summer.

What feeling did you want to evoke when designing the interior? 

It had to be simple because we had no budget for the transformation and it had to be sympathetic to the original features of the building and park surroundings. The café is there to serve the park and local community, and therefore it also had to feel welcoming and unpretentious.

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 A selection of the delicious cakes that are on offer

What is your favourite thing about the Kiosk?

The building had been welded shut for years so when we took on the lease we had never seen the interior! When the doors were un-welded and the room was opened up we found a beautiful circular teak bench around the space and original cream ceramic tiles (when the graffiti had been scrubbed off!).

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Home-made ice creams by the local residents of Bethnal Green

What is the one thing that visitors have to try when they come to the Kiosk?

Homemade salted caramel ice cream (it has ended up being a staple flavour because it is so popular), and our ice coffee - it is Monmouth single origin coffee, cold brewed for 10-14 hours before being filtered. In fact try them together - delicious!

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Coffee this way!

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The previously abandoned park shelter