Considering the Mock Turtleneck


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Both figuratively and literally, the poloneck is a difficult item to pull off. Which is why we’re happy that the mock turtleneck, its shorter collared cousin, is having a moment this winter.

Although it’s the favoured style of the intelligentsia, like French philosopher Michel Foucault and Apple’s Steve Jobs, its current incarnations recall Audrey Hepburn’s gamine turn in Funny Face. There is an unstudied appeal to the mock turtleneck; its enduring sophistication is allied with its practical nature to create a sense of effortless elegance. With an evocative glimpse of neck, it traces a graceful line. Ergo, this is a piece to buy now and wear forever.

For styling options, consider a bold stripe peeking out from under the folded sleeves of a dress, or do away with a coat and let a thick knit deter colder weather.

mockturtle2 mockturtle1


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