C+P's Guide to Easter Weekend

Hello, spring festivities! Following a welcome break from Christmas and Valentine's Day commotion, it's time to do a tad of forward planning for Easter Weekend, which falls early-ish this year from April 3-6. Should you stay home or escape? Should you put a cap on your chocolate intake? And what exactly is ‘casual Easter best’? All valid questions, all need to be answered. Fret not. To help you narrow your options, here are three directions to take for this lovely four-day sugar - and hopefully sun-filled - break from work.

The Classic Easter Weekend

Easter newIf you prefer to have a laidback weekend at home, you'll enjoy it all the more if you do something, even if just one thing, with all-out Easter flair. Create a pretty Easter centrepiece such as Philippa Craddock's (above) or bake Hemsley + Hemsley's Gingerbread Cupcakes with Vanilla Maple Frosting - they're gluten/grain/guilt-free. Honour the slowdown of the long weekend with a classic novel such as Jane Eyre - it's wonderfully heart-wrenching for a bit of Easter emotion. Sartorially speaking, opt for effortlessly pretty. Our fluid Silk Pocket Dress in antique rose, pink Aran Sweater and light Voile Top in budgie blue provide the perfect springtime hues

Exotic Easter Getaway

Easter 2If like us, you've been lacking in Vitamin D of the sunshine variety, Easter Weekend is the perfect opportunity to escape somewhere that is guaranteed to be sunny and bright. While Malta, Greece and Turkey are all likely to have sunshine, you'll need to go further south (such as Morocco, above) to really feel the heat. Tailored Denim Shorts are a jet-set essential while our Hello Goodbye T - a natural conversation starter - is the ideal piece for where you don't know the language. A timeless read, The Alchemist tells the story of a young shepherd boy who crosses Northern Africa (where you’ll be!) in pursuit of treasure but finds something greater. The perfect accompaniment.

Easter in the Countryside

Easter1For those heading to the countryside, whether to a family home or to a rented cottage (and by cottage we mean the castle that's on offer from Airbnb Airbnb in Yorkshire Dales for £90 a night per person), do not forget that it gets nippy out there. And hence, our cosy cashmere sweaters are an essential. The navy One Pocket Sweater, Scallop Stripe Sweater and Poplin Cross Skirt (its classic shape will look great with wellies) are our top picks for a weekend in the country. Pick up The Girl on The Train, the most gripping psychological thriller since Gone Girl, for an entertaining read while you tuck into that last chocolate bunny.

Whatever you have a proper family reunion this Easter or do something fantastically out-of-the-box, we hope your break will be full of lazy days, feather-light sumptuous fabrics and everything else that's wonderful about spring.