David Bowie Opens at The V&A


We’re out and out Bowie fans here at Chinti, and are pretty stoked that he has a new album out after a 10-year hiatus, plus a show in his honour opening at the V & A on Saturday. Rather appropriate given the impact the iconic looks of his alter egos have had on the fashion industry over the years.

So, what’s your favourite Bowie period, Thin White Duke, Ziggy? We must confess, it’s actually his off-duty style that has us captivated, especially those razor sharp cheekbones. There’s even  an instagram account we follow called David Bowie Smoking, which is, you guessed it, picture after picture of Bowie looking nonchalant and beautiful, cigarette in mouth or hand. Not that we’re advocating smoking, and you can bet he doesn’t indulge these days, but here are a few snaps just to get you in the David Bowie spirit. Oh, those cheekbones, we die.

David Bowie Is runs 23 March – 11 August 2013 at the V&A

David-Bowie-smoking-and-saying-Really-davidbowiesmoking-davidbowie-bowietumblr_m3uwcqeRhZ1qdtrbwo1_500interview with rock star David Bowie at Trident Studios in St Martins Lane in London in May 1970