From Bread Sauce to Bridget Jones: How Team Chinti Spends Christmas

With Christmas approaching, talk at Chinti HQ has turned to how we'll be passing the year's most anticipated holiday. Here are the team's answers on what we'll be doing, feasting on, listening to, watching (and wearing of course)!



Sophie (Operations & Sales Manager): The Carols from King’s College, Cambridge.
Anabel (Freelance Copywriter): Michael Bublé's Christmas album.
Monica (Managing Director): Nat King Cole - love that voice!
Anna (Co-Founder) and Phiona (Production Manager): Wham!
Zahra (Wholesale Coordinator): Mariah Carey's Christmas album.


FoodZahra (Wholesale Coordinator): A cheeseboard with port.
Sophie (Operations & Sales Manager): Anything but turkey – we’re having a haunch of venison this year. I'll also be wearing a cashmere onesie all day and starting the day with champagne and homemade sausage rolls.
Carrie (Digital Co-ordinator): A turkey sandwich in front of the fire, watching every Christmas special going.
Monica (Managing Director): A medley of vegetables roasted with garlic, cumin, red onions and paprika.
Anna (Co-Founder): Sausages wrapped in bacon.
Amanda (Design Consultant): Brandy butter made to my grandma’s family recipe – amazing with Christmas pudding.
Michael (Head of E-Commerce): Bread sauce.
Charlotte (Merchandising Manager): Mince pies, of course. 



Anna (Co-Founder):
Phiona (Production Manager):
The Wizard of Oz

Carrie (Digital Co-ordinator): Bridget Jones' Diary, in the cashmere dressing gown naturally.
Zahra (Wholesale Coordinator) and Anabel (Freelance Copywriter): Home Alone, every year without fail. (Postscript - Zahra's favourite character is Kate McCallister, Anabel's is Marv.)
Monica (Managing Director): It's A Wonderful Life.
Chirag (Creative Designer): Dumbo, and Pinocchio - for the nostalgia! 
Michael (Head of E-Commerce):
Harvey & The Rabbit.
Amanda (Design Consultant):
Love Actually.



Anna (Co-Founder): Monopoly, and a long country walk in the Heart Patch Aran.
Amanda (Design Consultant): Ice skating and mulled wine at the local Christmas markets.
Monica (Managing Director): We go around the table and ask each member of the family their top 5 most memorable moments of the year. It always brings a smile to our faces.
Chirag (Creative Designer): Read childhood classics such as The Lion,The Witch and The Wardrobe.
Anabel (Freelance Copywriter): Going to NYC to see my dad (Cashmere Eye Mask for in-flight), and also to see The Nutcracker ballet.