A Gentlemen’s Guide to Cocktails

The Whip, Mayfair

There's a sense of theatre in creating cocktails that outshines the basic pint pulling routine most of us have become accustomed to. However you drink it, doing it properly matters. We caught up with David Gerrans, bar manager at Mayfair’s The Whip to ask him how it’s done:

What are your tips and tricks for creating the perfect cocktail?

Good ice and good alcohol. I also find that, like breakfast, cocktails taste better if someone else is making them for you...

What drink is the most difficult to master?

I think the hardest drinks to make are those with the fewest ingredients as you have less flavours to hide behind. Like the Martini, it has two ingredients: gin and vermouth, and it is the drink I consistently see bartenders ruin.

We’ve heard that The Whip makes a mean Mint Julep, what’s the history of this gentleman’s classic?

Cocktail history can be quite tedious, so I tend to tell the story of the mythical Greek river goddess Minthe who had an affair with Hades, the ruler of the Underworld and husband of Persephone. When Persephone caught the pair in action she was furious, naturally, and turned Minthe into a low growing plant so that the feet of humans would forever stamp on her. However, Hades, feeling sorry for Minthe, allowed a sweet aromatic smell to omit from Menthe when bashed, so people would grow to love her just as he did.

Rather than bash up our mint, we lightly press it in the Julep tin to release its aromatics before adding sugar ice and alcohol to this slow sipping cocktail.

The Whip

1st Floor, 50 Davies Street, Mayfair, W1K 5JE



The Whip, Mayfair

The Whip