In Conversation With Patternity

Patternity low res 131105Patternity's Anna Murray & Grace Winteringham

Combining iconic graphic pattern from architecture around the world with the very best in luxury knitwear, Chinti and Parker's collaboration with cult pattern studio, Patternity, has won critical acclaim amongst the international fashion and design press. Here, we speak to Patternity's creative visionaries, Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham, about their mission to engage us more positively with our surroundings through pattern recognition and how to incorporate it in our homes and wardrobes.

Patternity (1 of 6)HighRes131105The creative process

We adore the graphic patterns you created for Chinti. Could you explain a little about the inspiration and creative process behind the collection?

At PATTERNITY we literally see inspiration everywhere and the designs behind our ‘Conscious Pattern’ collection with Chinti is a bold extension of our philosophy on celebrating pattern 'from the mundane to the magnificent’.   We always begin our collaborations with a strong story and concept that threads the entire project together. Our patterns for the collaboration with Chinti have been inspired by urban city streets all over the world - where we have looked up, down and around at our cityscapes with a changed perspective. The AW13 collection references the high rise architecture and facades rom our many research trips -  from Sydney to Hong Kong, London, New York and beyond...

Patternity_HongKong_lowYour focus as a studio is the celebration of pattern everywhere. Why is pattern recognition within our surroundings so important?

The PATTERNITY aim is to encourage everyone to be inspired by pattern found absolutely everywhere - ‘to look at the world with a fresh set of eyes’. At the heart of all our projects lies the belief that a shared awareness of our environment and each other can have powerful and positive results.  At Patternity we use the omnipresence of pattern as a tool to encourage people to simply ‘notice more’ thus changing the way people see and engage with the world around them. As a result we hope to inspire a healthy curiosity and a further sense of wellbeing - engaging us with our environment and each other as we look at the world through a more mindful lens.

Patternity04_lowArchitecture's powerful pattern

How does pattern feature in your own homes and wardrobes?

Our approach to pattern inspiration and curation very much extends into our own wardrobes and homes. But as we are surrounded by pattern every day we choose to keep pattern outside of the studio very considered and pared back – choosing just a few prints, patterns and textures to bring into the living environment, cupboards and drawers. Playing with less expected patterns such as shadows cast by lighting plants and stacking and repetition can be a really interesting way to bring pattern into the home opposed to the more obvious bold art works and textiles and wallpapers.

Patternity (3 of 6)HighRes131105Pattern masterclass: they way to wear

Bold pattern can be quite intimidating. What tips do you have for wearing it?

People expect us to wear head-to-toe patterns, but we prefer to break up clean, tailored lines with a single bold patterned piece, such as one of our statement knits with Chinti or interesting accessories that give shape and definition.

Who are your ultimate pattern icons?

Yayoi Kusama is the epitome of someone who lives and breathes pattern…her iconic spots represent the fascinating way in which she sees the world – from her art installations to the clothes on her back. Victor Vasarly is also a hero of ours - the grandfather of the op art movement he is and will always be one of our favourite pattern innovators.

Lastly, which are your favourite pieces from the collection and how will you be wearing them?

Rather than piling pattern upon pattern we find paring a single bold statement patterned piece with simple tailored trousers, coats and shirts more impactful and wearable way of working bold prints and knits into our wardrobes. Layering knits over a plain black or white polo neck in winter adds is our latest style tip – giving a more fashionable neckline and added winter warmth factor.

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