Into the Wild: Spring/Summer '17

Following on from the pre-collection’s island-arrival theme, in which a few fabled Victorian women found themselves on a deserted island, Spring/Summer ‘17 focuses on what they find when they get there. Our vibrant art-inspired collection celebrates the desire to immerse yourself in the wild, the perfect mood for the warm-weather months.



Using inspiration from the exotic surroundings depicted in Henri Rousseau’s jungle paintings (above), the collection exudes a distinct sense of voyage. The design team imagined the travellers delighted by their new botanical surroundings, as they uncover new scents, colours, animals and plants.

ss17_day2-3654_2 Shop Leopard Cashmere Sweater; Shop Track Pants

As an intarsia on 100% cashmere, knitwear pieces are imbued with primitive impressions of leopards, monkeys and abstract tropical leaves 

chinti_and_parker_ss17_blog_2 Paul Gauguin’s vibrant Tahiti paintings, such as the one above, also served as inspiration, while geometric shapes and Aztec-inspired multi-directional stripes echo the colours of the jungle.

chinti__parker_s08_073_f1_rgb Shop Aztec Stripe Cashmere Sweater

Stripes were inspired by Ottavio Missoni's graphic artworks (1970).


Jungle-inspired tropical leaves were also reimagined as an intarsia on knitwear, and as a print on ready-to-wear.

ss17_day3-4964_1 Shop Leaf Cashmere Sweater

In a melange of vibrant hues, the tropical palette includes bright sky blue, jungle green and passionflower pink, as well as softer tones of porcelain, lavender, and pistachio.

chinti_and_parker_ss17_blog_4 Much like Ana Strumpf's contemporary pop-art (above), shades of tropical hibiscus flowers, bright blue skies and the vivid green of fauna are some of the punchier hues from the SS17 colour palette.

c_p_ss17_3509_1 Shop Beach Stripe Cashmere Sweater

merino track pants Coming soon

A traditional stripes story sticks to classic navy and cream Breton stripes with red motifs and accents in an ultra-light merino knit as a contrast to the wilder pieces - something the fabled Victorian women would have brought in their suitcase from home.

chinti__parker_s02_052_f1_rgb Coming soon

Merino in an ultra-fine gauge makes a sophisticated summer statement, such as in the playsuit above.

Spanning the tropical and the traditional, Spring/Summer '17 has something for every type of journey.