It's Always Sweater Weather

We’ve all been there. In fact, this particular problem tends to happen every year without fail. It’s the first properly hot day of the year – finally. You’ve been out all day and have reached that pleasant level of ever-subtle perspiration. You’ve even treated yourself to a frozen yoghurt / iced coffee / insert cold treat here. You've also got a small tan, how delightful. Evening arrives and you decide that your newly bronzed self should go out bare-armed, naturally. And naturally, you are a shivering mess come sundown. The problem is, of course, that you forgot to bring a sweater. And perhaps the issue we’re all guilty of is that we over-associate knitwear with winter and neglect to embrace the transitional summer sweater. There’s something inherently elegant about the summer sweater. It requires a balanced blend (such as our cash-silk), the right weight and it evokes that sought-after look of effortless together-ness that some ladies seem to possess. SUMMER-KNITS-CHINTI-AND-PARKER-1 Timeless style icons in the vein of Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn knew the virtues of the summer sweater, as seen in their many jet-set photos. Whether you wear it, tie it around your waist or shoulders, or use it as a blanket a la BB (above), the summer sweater is a beloved between-season style solution. Chinti's edit: 

SUMMER-KNITS-CHINTI-AND-PARKER-2Clockwise from left: Stripe Shirt Hem Sweater, Cashmere Two Tone SweaterMerino Stripe Sweater, Aran Sweater, Stripe Pointelle Sweater, Textured Sweater

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