We'll Miss You, Jamie!


It is with heavy hearts that we must bid farewell to our utterly fabulous press director at Goodley PR, Jamie Holloway. Lured to the land of perfect bodies, velour tracksuits and eternal sunshine (yep, you guessed it, he's moving to LA), we can understand his decision to relocate, but what on earth is he going to do with all his Chinti cashmere?!!!! As a little send-off, he agreed to a farewell interview. Thanks again Jamie for the huge amount you've done for Chinti and Parker, and for looking better in the clothes than we do! LA is lucky to have you...

Love, all at Chinti

How long have you done PR for Chinti and Parker? Throughout my time at Goodley PR, which has been three and a half years. I am really sad to be leaving!

How has the brand evolved in that time? When I first started, Chinti and Parker was in it's fourth season, I think, and was just starting to evolve from really classic wardrobe staples to totally cult knits. I remember when the star sweater launched and things just exploded. The brand has grown immeasurably over the last few years and it's been so great to be a part of it at such an exciting time.

We gather you're off to LA for your next adventure. Will your Chinti cashmere be going into storage or are you planning on cranking the air con up, so you can still wear it? ABSOLUTELY!!!! I will still be ordering my cashmere every season, I hear the evenings get pretty chilly and also the air conditioning is crazy cold, so I'm sure I will find more than a few occasions to get it out. I am also partial to the Grandad shirt from the women's collection - the perfect beach cover-up!

What are you going to miss most about London style? The eccentricity and individuality of it. There is nowhere like London for amazing street style, and I love that people just don't give a wotsit what you think! I can wear whatever I like here and I never feel out of place. I don't think many cities can boast such diversity.

Lastly, which pieces of Chinti menswear are you most excited about wearing (even if it's inside with air con on)? The Aran is my absolute wardrobe staple so I can't wait to get that out (even if artfully draped over my shoulders), and is there anything more lux than a cashmere hoodie?! I still secretly have my eye on that onesie!