Knitwear icons: Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw in Love Story, 1970


It may be a cathartic tearjerker genre defining film, but Love Story is remembered, by us at least, not for its romantic synergy, or its famous, albeit debatable line, ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’, but for its excellent knitwear. Rugged, handsome Ryan O’Neal and shiny haired beauty Ali McGraw play well-bred Oliver Barrett IV and pithy, intelligent, working-class Jennifer Cavalleri. Star-crossed, ill fated and cashmere swathed, they fall in love on the frost-bitten quads of Harvard University.

The takeaway from this movie is that Aran knits in earthy tones, crew necks in muted hues and mock turtleneck sweaters lend a chic Seventies insouciance to winter. Tuck into flares or layer under camel coats and peacoats to master this couple’s covetable look.

D2q2lPhoto Credits: Pinterest