Lisa Armstrong's Chinti choices

Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Editor, The Daily Telegraph

Cashmere Cardi, £295

One Pocket Sweater in grey and navy, £305

“I love the One Pocket sweater in grey and navy, also the Cashmere Cardi in navy with rust patch pocket.  They give you micro doses of colour, which is about all I can cope with in the winter and I love the slightly random placing of the pocket on the cardigan. I'll wear them endlessly with slim, cropped-at-the-ankle trousers or pencil skirts and a silk shirt. The cardigan in particular is a great slouchy alternative to jackets, which I'm addicted to eight months of the year, but which aren't practical once it gets really cold - they feel too bulky when you have to put on a coat. I'll push the sleeves up, load up on the dangly earrings and channel Coco as much as I am humanly able.” Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Editor,  The Daily Telegraph