Looking Fresh

lookbook_heartAll Over Heart Sweater

New Year resolutions are most successful when they focus on positive additions as opposed punitive restrictions. In wardrobe terms, this translates as rethinking what works for you, and makes you feel your best - our bodies fluctuate, and our tastes continuously morph - so an annual appraisal where you sift out the old and irrelevant to make way for the new and 'you' is a good discipline to adopt. To get you in the mood, team Chinti have edited their top spring summer 2014 pieces. Blessedly, it's all gain, no pain.

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wd_bowblouse130610_SH_15-111Chambray Dress (coming soon)

wd_chambray2wd_newpolkadot130610_SH_01-113New Mini Star Sweater and Tulip Print Shorts (coming soon)