Meet Autumn Winter 2014's New Motifs

Sketchy Star Print

Sketchy Star Print

For Autumn Winter 2014 Chinti and Parker are introducing a host of new motifs. There is a pattern for every character and mood, some are playful and cheeky while some are sophisticated and subtle.  We sat down and had a chat with Junior Designer Nuvola to decode this season’s new prints and intarsias.

Hugs and Kisses Pattern

What are the key motifs of this season?

There are three motifs this season: Queen of HeartsSketchy Star and Hugs and KissesThe Queen of Hearts and Sketchy Star are this season’s most recognisable and playful. But, there is also the Hugs and Kisses pattern, which uses a cute combination of symbols.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Each season for inspiration we research and collect tonnes of images. We spend hours flicking through books at the library (my favourite is the National Art Archives at the Victoria & Albert Museum), Blogs and Tumblrs. We collate millions of pictures, snap people whose style we like and consider garments that have caught our attention. And then we share them and discuss them with the rest of the team.

Star Pattern

How has pattern developed as a story this season from SS14?

Stars and hearts are always a staple for Chinti and Parker, but this season they are filtered through a new colour spectrum. For instance, the bright and vivid reds and blues are inspired by mesmerising images of gems, such as rubies and sapphires.

Which pattern is your personal favourite?

I like the Queen of Heart intarsia because it is graphic, clean and regular. However, the Sketchy Star print is also charming, but for different reasons; it is hand drawn and looks almost like a doodle.

Star Outline Pattern in navy/cream

 Queen of Hearts Pattern in mid grey/ruby/scarlet

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