Meet Mr Chinti and Parker

Mike Penn

 Mike Penn wearing Chinti and Parker Menswear's Checkerboard Sweater

Meet Mike Penn, professional photographer, husband of Chinti and Parker co-founder Anna Singh and accidental, but effortless, model. His time behind the camera has honed his posing skills. And, as you can see, his marriage to Anna has informed his style. We sat down with Mike to find out how he wears Chinti.

How do you feel to be in front of the camera?

I’m pretty relaxed and comfortable with it. I was a photographer for 25 years so I instinctively know what is wanted from the picture.

What's it like living in a creative household?

I honestly wouldn't know what it’s like not living in a creative household.

Can you describe your wardrobe?

Definitely, it needs a good pruning. I've just turned 45, and with that comes the need to smarten up my act!

What’s your favourite Chinti and Parker sweater?

There are two winners for me: the star sweater, of course, and the waffle from AW13 with track pants.

What's your favourite book?

This is really hard to answer as so many have had powerful, and different, influences at varying times in my life. However, I’ve got to go with I am that by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

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