Monogramming: A How-To

It's no secret that monogramming is a tradition steeped in history - monograms first appeared on coins in ancient history as early as 350 BC and have been used by European royal families for centuries. And yet, there is a brand new case for modern monogramming in a clean sans-serif script -  the appeal of putting your signature stamp on luxury products you'll want to keep forever. In our Monogram Shop, you can add impeccably embroidered initials to your cashmere sweaters, dressing gown, or pyjamas for highly personalised style. Here's how...

monogrammed sweaters1. Pick a style. Choose what you'd like to have monogrammed - from the Multicoloured Striped Pyjamas for a signature sleepwear style to our iconic cashmere Star Sweater for a personalised statement look, you can find all our monogrammable styles here.

2. Choose a thread colour. Select your thread shade from pale blue, pink, royal blue and a coral-red. Opt for a contrast-colour for a bolder look and a tonal (such as blue on blue) or a paler shade for a subtler effect.

monogrammed pyjamas

3. Enter your initials. You can add one, two or three initials for £25. One initial focuses on your first name, while two or three elicits more of a heritage feel.

monogrammed gifts

4. Wear and keep. Style your monogrammed items as you normally would and take good care of them - particularly when washing and storing cashmere. Monogrammed items are meant to be kept forever. You can read more about cashmere care here.

Visit the Monogram Shop.