Moodboard: Spring/Summer 2015


The #Mood? Carefree. Our collage of inspiration for Spring/Summer 2015 elicits a delightful sense of freedom and a return to life’s simple pleasures. The soothing colour palette spans the sky-blue of budgies to the muted pinks of Mediterranean sunsets, and the colourways are composed of soft, mellow hues. Here are the other themes that influenced our designers this season:

Simple pastimes
Summer recalls a sense of freshness, so we looked to the season’s quintessential sensory activities - launching model sailboats, park bench picnics and pool swims. Whether it be in the lake or sea, the sense of wellbeing from immersing oneself in water was a key mood driver.

Fruits & flowers
Thanks to its captivating shape, the pineapple made its way into the collection as a key motif while the billowy lantern-like husk of gooseberries inspired the free-flowing silhouettes of the silk pieces.  Pink peonies, violet hydrangeas and other summer flowers also inspired the palette while the punchy, joy-inducing yellow of lemons and buttercups inspired the colour-pop accents that offset some of the neutral pieces.

I see England, I see France
Culturally, the works of English interior decorator David Hicks and illustrator Sara Midda (who spent a year in Provence and Cote d’Azur) fuelled both design details and colourways. Hicks is known for mixing the antique with the modern, while Midda’s South of France Sketchbook is renowned for its powerful depiction of the region through its tones of sea and morning sky, stucco and brick, olive leaf and apricot, rose and geranium.

The nostalgic details of seaside towns (think St Ives, Deauville and Nantucket) also enriched the designs - including fishermen’s rope - which helped to envisage the texture of lightweight chunky knits, as well as wind-blown garments on the clothesline, which inspired the collection’s relaxed silhouettes.