New Year (Style) Resolutions


There’s no getting away from it, New Year’s resolutions are cliché. And, almost certainly broken by the second week of January. But, with the calendar resetting, this is a good time to take stock and reconsider our wardrobes.


Resolution 1: Establish your look
Even if your personal style isn’t fully formed, hopefully, you know what you like and what you don’t. So, use 2015 as a time to hone it. Whether you channel Susie Bubble's colourful and eclectic choices or go all-in for Carine Roitfeld’s dark, sultry style, just make sure this is the year you feel comfortable and confident.

Resolution 2: Rotation
Are you guilty of wearing the same 5 things? Aren’t we all. Indulge your closet in a little reorganization and introduce a piece to your day-to-day heroes that wouldn't normally get to see the light of day.

Resolution 3: Dress Fearlessly and Fret Less
Eliminate that internal battle and wear what you want.

Resolution 4: Shop Thoughtfully
See Resolution 2. When cost-per-wear adds up shopping is guilt free. Save and invest in something that you’ll want to wear over and over again. Classic knitwear, effortless tailoring and quality foundation pieces check all those boxes.

Resolution 5: Value the basics
This brings us neatly on to the importance of wardrobe cornerstones. That neutral t-shirt, those perfectly fitting trousers and that cosy knitted jumper may not play the starring role but they ensure whatever does has the right support.

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