Star Power: Our "The Night Before Christmas" Pop-Up at Harrods

When it came to creating a strong visual theme for our annual pop-up shop at London department store Harrods, our Creative Designer looked to The Night Before Christmas, the iconic Christmas poem that created our modern-day impression of what Christmas Eve should be (Santa, reindeer, et al). Visual merchandising trends for Christmas often focus on the night sky and astrology, and with stars being our favourite motif, what else could be more fitting?


The concept sketch saw the mannequins assembled much like Santa's reindeer. 


Mystical quotes and surreal cosomological images by Argentinean artist and graphic designer Pilar Zeta were the main influences for the scheme.

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Working in a bit of wit, we took a literal meaning of the "stars in their eyes".

Chinti and Parker-sanctioned cashmere care instructions were displayed on a large sign to ensure customers know how to keep their cashmere in top-notch shape.


The mannequins, rocking loungewear ensembles perfect for a cosy, decadent Christmas sesh, including the cashmere Hooded Star Onesies in Grey and Navy, the Hooray Sweater, and cashmere Track Pants.


Our The Night Before Christmas pop-up is on until November 29. If you've missed it, fret not - our festive faves can be found at The Christmas Shop.