Introducing Photographer Sophie Davidson

sophie davidson portraitRising star: photographer Sophie Davidson

We're always on the lookout for budding young talent, and we recently had the fortune to encounter 23-year old photographer, Sophie Davidson. So enamoured were we with her blog, a beautiful photo journal where she documents her inspirations, friends, and the sort of daily incidentals that most of us scarcely stop to notice, yet alone recognise and capture their beauty, that we invited her to shoot a series of pictures using pieces from our spring summer 2013 collection.

Sophie Davidson Images 153Laura wears Keyhole Sweater in Moss

Sophie Davidson Images 267Laura wears Cotton Dot Dress

Sophie Davidson Images 033

Sean wears Textured Slouchy Knit

Sophie Davidson Images 113Sean wears Textured Slouchy Knit as before

Sophie Davidson Images 024Laura wears Linen Cami Dress

Sophie Davidson Images 190Laura wears Worsted Cashmere Cardi

Sophie Davidson Images 019Laura wears Check Print Shirt and Keyhole Sweater

Sophie Davidson Images 004Laura wears Check Print Shirt

Name: Sophie Davidson

Age: 23

Tell us a bit about what you do: I'm currently in my final year of studying Photography at Falmouth University and preparing to go into the big bad world, which I am completely terrified about.

Where are you based? For now Falmouth and a small village in Buckinghamshire called Tylers Green.

When did you first start taking pictures? I started when I was about 16 or 17, taking terrible photos of my friends in dresses in my Grandad's garden, sitting in wheelbarrows and the like.

What inspires your work? I really just enjoy simple photographs, nothing too high fashion or flashy, so I'm very into photographers like Venetia Scott, especially her Margaret Howell campaigns (as well as her styling collaborations with Juergen Teller,) Corinne Day, Alasdair Mclellan and Tim Barber. I'm really into Osma Harvilahti right now, the work has a really nice, calm feel to it and it's really beautiful. I normally like to just take photos when the light looks nice and I'm enjoying myself; it's pretty boring but I think they're always a lot better if I'm having a good time taking them.

For Chinti and Parker you shot on film. What is it that you like about analog photography? I like the wait involved and I really hate working in digital. Whoever you're photographing always wants to see what they look like and I find it quite a distraction seeing the images as I take them. I like to be surprised by the outcomes; it's always a really nice feeling to get a roll of film back and see what you've taken because quite often I've forgotten half of it!

How do you know when you've got the shot? Most of the time when I think I've got a good shot I prefer the other images I've taken so I don't think I ever know, which probably makes me quite a bad photographer!

Who or what would you most like to photograph? Louis Garrel would be ideal.

What's next? I plan to move to London after a Summer of internships and a possible trip to Japan and start working really hard to hopefully become a successful photographer one day.