How to Toughen Up Pink

There’s a bit of a problem with pink. Its girlie-girl connotations, and the fact that very few of us can comfortably identify with being a girlie-girl. Even the most feminine of gals today feel the need to add an “and yet…”. And yet I watch Breaking Bad. And yet I listen to gangster rap. And yet I can eat a ½lb burger and chili-cheese fires without stopping for air. 'Girlie' is associated with being frivolous and as cloying as an overly attached girlfriend.


It actually wasn't until the 1950s that pink became a girlie colour due to its use in entertainment to depict the 'nice girl'. There’s the 1957 Audrey Hepburn film Funny Face, where the fashion editor character Maggie Prescott (based on Diana Vreeland) declares that every woman must “think pink”! And who could forget The Plastics in Mean Girls who conceived the line: "On Wednesdays, we wear pink!" and used the colour to give the impression of being nicer than they actually are.

But  pink, especially as a sweater, is pretty. And to counter its extreme girlishness, you simply have to apply a few clever styling tricks. Namely, add a chunky accessory such as an oversized watch, wear with black trousers or boyfriend jeans like Kate Bosworth, or simply layer with something boyish. A long white men's shirt underneath  or a grey tailored coat tossed over like SJP's will do it.

pink sweater

Of course, if all else fails you can always grab a burger, or play some of that rap.

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pink sweatersL-R: Shirt Hem Sweater, Contrast Cuff Sweater, Starry Sweater