Pre-Fall '17: The Themes

Bye-bye tropics. Pre-Autumn/Winter ‘17 is all about the coming home and takes things back to England, celebrating tea-time, traditions and eccentricity. We’ve taken a look at literature, films and all of our favourite cultural references and focused on cherries, ladybirds and doily details as our motifs of the season.

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When conceptualising, we imagined Victorian women just back from their exotic travels having their first garden tea party. Surely, a good gossip was in order.

No tea party was complete without a set of lace doilies. The rich detailing and scalloped edges inspired Pre-Fall ‘17’s statement cashmere intarsia.

Although it was set on Long Island, some of the most iconic tea scenes occur in the documentary film Grey Gardens.

The film exposes the daily lives of two aging, eccentric relatives of Jackie Kennedy - Edie Bouvier Beale and her mother, Edith. Edith and Edie were the sole inhabitants of the Long Island estate who lost all their money, yet tried hard to uphold the habits of their high-society roots.

The fantastical dreamlike editorials of Vogue-sanctioned British photographer Tim Walker also inspired the collection. Who wouldn’t love to attend a tea party in an enchanted forest like this?

If you’ve ever attended an outdoor tea party in the English countryside, you’ll know that it’s not unusual to have a ladybird or two come visit. And aren’t they supposed to be good luck? In the company of eccentrics, especially if they are anything like the Bouvier-Beales - you might need it.

chinti and parker

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