See Pantone's Colour of The Year 2016: Rose Quartz + Serenity

That’s not a typo you’re seeing. For 2016, colour authority Pantone has selected two colours of the year. Yet instead of referring to their choices as “colours” Pantone is keeping its “Colour of the Year” name, as the combination of these two hues (rather than their separate effects) is where the magic lies. The winning hues are Rose Quartz, a baby pink with subtle peach undertones, and Serenity, a dreamy blue that borders on periwinkle. To offset an increasingly hectic world, this calming pair of hues celebrates tranquility, balance, and inner peace.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite colour inspiration images as well as ways to bring Rose Quartz and Serenity to your style with the season's cashmere sweaters in the hues..


L-R: Felt Polka-Dot Sweater in Smoothie Pink, Baby Blue Long Back Sweater, Baby Pink One Pocket Sweater, Cuff Zip Sweater