Seeing Stars

stars and stripes_jerry

Jerry Hall in Texas, 1974

As you might have guessed, Chinti and Parker are star crazy.  Despite appearing as a simple shape, it has the ability to awaken classic styles with bursts of colour, giving them some genuine Chinti clout.

In homage to our much-loved pattern, we follow the star’s movement through fashion, design and art.


Hollywood Walk of Fame

Stars are a classic Americana motif, they're on the US flag, and are synonymous with optimism  – that whole land of opportunity thing.

In fashion, they were popularised in the 70s, thanks to a global surge in American fashion. In Paris, designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld became enamoured with American fashion (and American models), for its boldness, simplicity and wearability. It felt modern and fresh. YSL, in particular, used the star in prints, and it remains a signature of the house.

At this time in art, Andy Warhol was commenting on pop culture with his work (pop art), and many representations of stars and US flags appear, due to their cultural status.

Even without glitter, their multi-pointed forms seem to twinkle. What's not to love?


Starry set designs

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Grace Jones at Antonio Lopez's rue de Rennes apartment, Paris, 1975


Yves saint laurent star motif necklace circa 2000 artdaily. com

Yves Saint Laurent, circa 2000. Star motif necklace.  Image sourced from


 Andy Warhol, Stars and Half Moons, 1960.  Image sourced from