The Look: Summer Skirts

1e8a8ef74e16024ad46df63988e6e21cJane Birkin in La Piscine

Short but not immodest, our preferred skirts for summer 2014 either cut the thigh at its slimmest point or elegantly skim the knee, whilst embodying the insouciant cool of the late 60s - early 70s. The perfect mood for summer, frankly.

bc9010f2848b8d68ba0f18e255c954acBianca Jagger with Mick or is it Keith?

tumblr_mgxhr7ciyQ1qaua9bo1_400Brigitte Bardot in to-the-knee summer skirt

2f2ad781a3357d4629f7f33fddd3f99aVogue 1970 do the skirt length