Style focus: stripe remix

kate and toriKate and Tori earn their stripes

We'll refrain from giving you a full-on stripe paean (they're great, and we all know it), and dive straight into singing the praises of a couple of new season pieces that have Chinti staffers, Kate and Tori, cooing to anyone who'll listen.

Design intern and print aficionado, Kate, has touted the new Aztec sweater with its blend of stripes and triangles, 'the ultimate stripe remix', perfect for throwing on over jeans for a simple, yet fashion-minded look. Meanwhile, Tori, the classicist with a twist, has gone for the new A-line stripe dress worn with a cotton biker jacket, which she describes as 'elegance that can go either way'.

Their enthusiasm fell on deaf ears with the builders opposite, however, as they illegally scrambled over a series of road blocks to get the perfect shot of their must-have wares. Do these guys not get how key a matte black backdrop is to a great street style shot?!!