The Art of Nonchalance


'Nonchalance' is Chinti's descriptive of choice when it comes to pinpointing that type of too-cool-for-school attitude and style, which looks so effortlessly amazing, it must be innate. It's closely related to 'chic', of course, and the French do appear to be born with it, but where as 'chic' implies a certain level of polish, 'nonchalance' prefers things to be rather more undone.

Below, is a step by step guide on how to achieve a pleasingly nonchalant still life vignette, as pictured above. These tips can just as easily be applied to total outfits, and contrary to the appearance of the end result, the process can be exhausting. The good news is that practice makes perfect - or perfectly imperfect in this case - and eventually it will become second nature.

1. Scour antiques fairs and salvage yards for the perfect old school chair
2. Twist and wrap an expanse of artist's canvas to get a perfectly rumpled look. If it doesn't look quite right, wash, dry and try again using a different technique. Repeat as necessary.
3. Select your favourite Chinti and Parker pieces and arrange in a laissez-faire* manner on the chair, which has been positioned, just so, in front of the painstakingly distressed backdrop.

*This may happen first go, but it may take many, many attempts having studied a veritable library of references beforehand.