The PR: Erin Cullison

erin Erin Cullinson, U.S. PR for Chinti and Parker, previews AW14

When it comes to laid-back chic, no one does it better than our fabulous U.S PR, Erin Cullison. With New York as the perfect backdrop for her understated (yet irrevocably sexy) look, we caught up with her to probe a little deeper on her daily style and what inspires it.

How did you get started in the fashion industry?

I was actually very lucky and kind of fell into working in PR. Six months or so after I moved to New York City I was in need of a better paying job and it happened that my old boss (back in Iowa where I went to college) was best friends with the VP of one of the biggest PR agencies in the world – KCD. So from there, it all began for me.

20140526_104001Erin wears the Mini Star Sweater and Voile Shirt from spring summer 2014

What does a typical working day look like for you and how does your style reflect this?

I am usually up and about running around, so I am never really in heels. Our office has a fairly laid-back atmosphere, which I love. I prefer this for my day to day and I save getting dressed up for special events, dinners, etc...


Do you have any particular wardrobe saviours you gravitate to when pushed for time or in need of a feel-good lift?

My go-to is usually a longer, sometimes flowy skirt or pant and recently I have been wearing these with a crop top. I love an understated sexy look.

Whose style do you most admire?

Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth - I worship them!

20140526_124018Erin wears exclusive star tee for Net-a-Porter

Okay, it’s time to share… what’s the worst crime against style you’ve ever committed?

In college I was obsessed with wearing True Religion jeans and popping my Lacoste polos shirts – when I see old photos I am so embarrassed! What was I thinking?!

What qualities do you love most about Chinti and Parker?

I love the concept behind the brand and the strides it takes to produce a product with conscious thought behind it - where it comes from, how it's made, who makes it. I wish more brands worked this way. From the collection, I especially love the cashmere pieces; they are so well made and the texture is so inviting.  I am also a huge fan of stripes, I gravitate towards them and Chinti and Parker do stripes very brilliantly.

Your top spring summer 2014 Chinti buys?

My absolute favorite styles are…Mosaic Sweater in blue, the Stripe Heart Sweater, the Chambray Dress, the woven shorts and, of course, anything from the Liberty collaboration.