The Silk Road

Silk - it’s so good that for centuries, it inspired people to travel by camel from Europe to Java and back. The historically famous trade route between China, Arabia and the Mediterranean was named ‘The Silk Road’ because it heavily focused on the sought-after fabric. Today, the mystique around the voyage inspires Vogue editorials, such as the one featuring Kate Moss below.  



The luxuriously smooth fabric has long been associated with opulence, yet isn't as oppressively heavy as some of its royal-fabric friends such as velvet and taffeta. It’s sophisticated yet slick and approachable - a fashion hybrid akin to your coolest friend - cultured yet down to earth. We’ve cut our silk dresses in understated shapes casual enough to rock with plimsolls and suggest pairing silk separates with jeans for a stylish contrast.

SilksWe love how soft silk drapes effortlessly around the body and makes a cool, confident statement. Discover our Silk Collection to find the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. 

silks productClockwise from L-R: Rose Silk Pocket Dress, Rose and Budgie Blue Silk Pocket Dress, Rose Silk Short Sleeve Shirt, Budgie Blue Silk Pocket Dress

 Top photo by Mario Testino, courtesy of