A Tomboy Tribute

katharine_hepburn_04Hollywood loved a tomboy: Katherine Hepburn

If you're keyed into Chinti and Parker's core style influences, you'll be all too aware of the role that tomboys play. Every design we put out takes into consideration comfort, ease, and motility. Pockets feature heavily (being prepared, but unencumbered is a tomboy essential), as do practical colours and cuts that simultaneously flatter and remove any awareness of what one's wearing, such is their freedom.

But being a tomboy is much more than just wearing boyish clothes, it's a cherished rite of passage for many active, happy, prepubescent girls, still free from notions of perceived femininity, of body image, who just want to get down and dirty and be one of the boys - or simply themselves.

Laura_Barton_s_TomboysWriter, Laura Barton, as a young tomboy

The journalist and writer, Laura Barton, a former tomboy who still identifies with many of its characteristics, has produced an insightful and charming documentary for BBC Radio 4 about being a tomboy, the trigger for our own tribute. You can listen to Laura Barton's Tomboys here:http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03k29xt

As the media's sexualisation of young girls becomes more and more rapacious, there's a very real fear that those blissful tomboy years will become eroded altogether. As Barton's documentary highlights, the tomboy phase is a precious, unthreatening entrée to self-expression and we need to do our utmost to preserve it. Here, we pay tribute with a few of our favourite tomboy icons.


Penny Pitou, the first woman to win an Olympic medal for downhill skiing

Lauren HuttonAll American tomboy beauty, Lauren Hutton

AlexaTomboy today, Alexa Chung

chloeA young tree-climbing Chloe Sevigny

chloe2Grown up, but still a tomboy

Annie HALLCinema's favourite tomboy, Annie Hall

winona 2Winona Ryder, forever a tomboy