Our Blog Editor on Venetia Scott

109751-800wRich with potential, airports lend a beguiling narrative

Picture-5Back in the 90s - Katherine Hamnett campaign styled by Scott

Picture-41-650x433 Each picture tells a story


Venetia Scott

Picture-6Venetia Scott for Self Service; Ukraine

venetia-scott1-1Even hair drying looks cool through the eyes of Venetia Scott

It was unknown to me at the time, but my discovery of fashion photographer, Juergen Teller, in the late ’90s at his Photographer’s Gallery show was a double whammy when it came to shaping my taste in fashion imaging and, indeed, style. Falling for his raw, subversive and endlessly captivating snapshot sensibility, I was also falling for his then partner’s equally fresh rule-free styling. A vision that focused less on perfectly pressed clothes and flawless hair and makeup and more on the character of the girl and the narrative of the picture. The woman I’m referring to is the acclaimed stylist-turned-photographer, Venetia Scott.

You could say that Scott represents a type of anti-glamour, and certainly her penchant for drab offices, suburban terraces and Brutalist seaside resorts as settings for her shoots would tick that box in an exam, but in reality her pictures are distinctly glamorous, making you want to be a part of that picture, even if it’s set on a concrete beach in The Ukraine or an dated office interior.