Q&A: Founders Anna and Rachael’s 9-9

So what do founders do? Here’s a day in the life of our founders, Anna and Rachael. 


Anna:  Once my three kids are sent off to school, I try to fit in 10 minutes of meditation at the very least. I’ve read that it’s all you need to give your brain a productive boost.
Rachael: I answer emails on my phone en route to the office, but also take a quick scroll through Instagram to see what’s happening with friends and favourite bloggers and celebs.


Anna: Our design team, an outspoken international mix, discuss the next collection, which is usually designed and conceived over a year in advance. I would say that this is the most interesting part of the job. We just finished SS18, which is very French Riviera-inspired.
Rachael: I agree. There is something exciting about conjuring up trends, colours, and moods in advance. We love daydreaming about what the finished collection will look like when it launches. We’d often like to pre-order it and have it instantly, but even for us, it’s not possible.


Anna: We also always work around a primary colour palette, and we like unexpected colour combinations. Rachael loves mustard and is often trying to work it into every collection, which I have sometimes had to gently challenge.
Rachael: To hone in on our top colours for the next season, we sit with the design team and look through many inspirational images that we’ve collated – everything from fashion editorials to nature. What’s so bad about mustard anyway?


Anna: I meet with the finance team and we discuss our business objectives, and go through more than a few spreadsheets.
Rachael: I meet with the web team to plan our marketing and edits for the next few months. With the increasingly unpredictable weather, it’s never easy, but always fun to respond to – especially when it heats up.


Anna: Next up is lunch. We’re based in Marylebone, so there are lots of great options around the corner.
Rachael: We either have Wagamama or Patty & Bun on naughtier days, yet lately we both have been bringing a lot of simple vegetarian food from home. Things we grew up with, like lentil dahl and spinach salads.


Anna: I then attend a meeting with our PR team, who have lots of ideas for potential brand ambassadors. I love finding out about new people who may be great matches for the brand. We recently read that Emma Watson is a fan of the brand, which was great to hear.
Rachael: The rest of the afternoon is then spent doing what feels like 101 admin things, as well as a bit more work with the design team. I also always click around on the website to make sure everything is in order – something that got drummed into me at when I was at Brown’s.


Anna: Time to talk collaborations. Each season, we do exclusive collaborations with retailers such as Net-a-Porter and Harrods, which are fun to do and result in one-of-a-kind pieces.
Rachael: And like we did with Miffy and the upcoming Moomins collaboration, we sit and see which characters, themes and motifs may inspire a future partnership. We are also working with a women’s charity, which we’ll be announcing soon.


Anna: I meet with the wholesale team to see which styles from our latest collection appeal to what parts of the world. It’s always so fun to illuminating to see what New Yorkers will like versus what those in Japan prefer.
Rachael: I deal with a near-calamity relating to production. Managing a production chain that is efficient and sustainable is challenging, and you have to keep communication strong.


Anna: I head home around the same time my children get back from school, and the next hour is all about managing the pre-dinner chaos and trying to get them sitting at the table at the same time.
Rachael: I head home to spend time with Sonny, who is 1. This is a key window as he is his most happy and awake.


Anna: We have dinner together as a family, which is really important to us. Roast chicken is a firm fave with everyone.
Rachael: Ditto, although I am chasing Sonny around trying to get him to eat as he loves to run around while being chased.


Anna: After dinner, I scroll through my inbox for what I swear to myself is the final sweep. I desperately try to say ‘goodnight’ to my phone.
Rachael: After dinner, I have dessert.


Anna: My husband and I always have a show on the go, and zoning out in front of a good series really has to be one of the best parts of the day. Especially with a glass of wine.
Rachael: You had me at wine. My one-year-old is usually asleep by this time, and I am getting ready to go out locally to meet an old group of friends I haven’t seen in many months as one of us always reschedules.


Anna: Deep into Netflix, but to be completely honest, I am still periodically checking my phone. What if there’s an emergency?
Rachael: We’ve met in a pub in Notting Hill. There are a lot of nice trendy bars in the area, but sometimes, being English, nothing beats a casual pub catch-up.

And repeat.