In times of uncertainty, it is easy for us to become disconnected from our bodies, our breath, our selves. Yoga is a wonderful tool for healing the effects of stress and anxiety, helping us to bring the nervous system back into a place of equilibrium. The poses below can be practised in sequence or on their own and will provide an opportunity for grounding, nurturing and deep relaxation. Allow Chinti & Parker’s Content Manager and resident yoga teacher, Harriet Allmark, to guide you. The sequence was created and shot by Harriet whilst the team have all been working from home.

Cat / Cow 

Great for: Awakening the spine at any time of the day.

How to: Begin in all fours, with your shoulders stacked over wrists and hips over knees. On an inhale, dip your stomach toward the ground, broaden your collarbones, let the sit bones spread. Press into the hands, shins and tops of the feet. Lift the chin a little, gaze beyond the short edge of your mat.

On an exhale, round up through the spine, hollowing the belly and gently tucking the chin. Keep pressing through the hands, shins and tops of the feet.

Continue to move like this, in time with your own breath.