Laura at home in the cashmere Essentials
Laura's rainbow-styled bookcase
Henry Moore sculpture at the Henry Moore Foundation Studios and Gardens

What’s the best thing about being design director at Chinti & Parker?

I love working in a female founded, female director led company. I have a great team around me and it’s nice to be able to have real impact on the brand. I was drawn to all of these things and the way that things are done consciously and with quality. It’s a brand that can do very chic and understated as well as colourful and fun which allows a really interesting opportunity to be creative and make beautiful product.

How would you describe the Chinti & Parker woman?

She’s me! And also, my friends. She’s like every member of our office, to be honest. The customer is diverse and there is something in the collection for everyone. From the cashmere neutrals in essentials to the more vibrant pieces that express fun and personality.

What are your favourite pieces from the AW19 collection?

I’ve worn the Charleston floral dress quite a lot and always get compliments and people asking where it is from. The colour-block shirt and the Eccentric pieces are great, and the Luxury jumper feels amazing on. I am also in the process of acquiring every single piece from the Essentials collection , it’s all beautiful.

Deià, Mallorca

What advice would you give to someone in a creative rut?

You can’t force it. It’s really difficult to always remain your most creative when it’s your job and you need to channel it constantly, whilst also picking up on the unavoidable day to day aspects that are less creative, and more admin based. You are constantly switching your brain from one thing to the other. Because I work in fashion, if I want to be inspired, I have to step away from it. My advice is to read a book, see an exhibition, watch an inspiring film or just get out of your routine and have a change of scenery. As a designer, there are always times when you don’t know how you are going to find the inspiration for the next season, but it always comes together in the end.

What words do you live by?

Treat others as you would like to be treated.