In conversation with superblogger Grace Atwood

JEANS_4Photo: Lydia Hudgens

When it comes to inspirational style with a heel in the real world, New York-based blogger, Grace Atwood, is in a league of her own. Her blog, Stripes & Sequins, combines high style with individuality and integrity, pulling designer, high street and thrift-store finds into one glorious melting pot. If you're ever having a 'not a stitch to wear' wardrobe crisis, just tap into your browser, and you'll find ideas aplenty on how to remix existing pieces, or tips on great emerging designers to invest in who won't break the bank or compromise your ethics.

When did you start Stripes & Sequins and what was its inspiration?

I started it in January 2010 as I felt that I needed a creative outlet. The inspiration for the name is that I'm almost always wearing stripes or something sparkly.

How has the role of a blogger changed in recent years and how do you keep up?

Blogging has changed so much since I started. It's gotten a lot more competitive. I think its important to keep it real. I take blogging very seriously but I still have my day job. I think if I were to blog full-time I wouldn't be as inspired.

STRIPES_6Photo: Lydia Hudgens

Do you have a rule of thumb – a code – for deciding what you post on Stripes & Sequins?

That's easy... since it is a personal blog, I feature only the things I find to be special and/or inspiring. I love finding designers and brands that are a little bit off the beaten track, and I love discovering new beauty products that no one else has tried yet.

If you were to give Chinti and Parker a tour of your neighbourhood, where would you take us?

We'd definitely have to go for a meal at Almond, one of my favorite restaurants in the city. From there a walk... maybe down to Chelsea Market and The Highline, with a stop at Pippin Vintage Jewelry in between!

Whose style do you most admire?

That changes daily but I always admire Olivia Palermo's style as she's always put together without looking overdone.

OTTE_5Photo: Lydia Hudgens

What are you ultimate wardrobe saviours at present?

Things have been extra hectic at my day job, so I live in easy dresses (I love a good drop-waist!) and a strappy sandal with a low heel. If not that, it's an easy striped t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and ballet flats.

graceproductsLastly, what are your favourite pieces from Chinti's SS14 collection? 

I love this simple striped dress with pocketthe striped sweater with heart pocket and the Multi Mix Stripe Sweater - the colour combination is fun and unique, but still timeless.