6. Denim of any kind

Lovers of the high-waisted trend may shiver, but according to the runways, jean waistlines are coming way down. But don’t worry, denim in all shapes, sizes and colours are still a staple no matter the season. From printed, distressed, frayed, studded and in everything from coats to maxi skirts.

7. Ombré all the way

Sunset prints were a prominent feature on the runways - so we’ve incorporated ombré tones into our pre-fall edit. Our unique take features an acid kiwi and fuschia blend on a cardigan that’s perfect for those late summer nights, layered over a pale maxi dress. For something more subtle, opt for a cream and pink gradient for a long summer’s day out.

8. Vibrant coastal prints

Can’t get to the beach? Bring the beach to your wardrobe instead with our abstract beach print tee and shorts. It’s the perfect look for summer parties, or when you want to be the boldest in the room. If you can make it to the beach, the bottoms make a perfect accompaniment piece with a bikini top and light sandals - which is perfect for those long walks on the sand.

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