Travelling can wreak havoc on our body, mind and skin. If you're planning on getting away, be sure to read Chinti & Parker's guide to on the road skincare.

3. What to eat before a flight

Taking care of yourself doesn’t start when you arrive at your destination. Even something as simple as the journey itself can wreak havoc on your body and skin. If you’re travelling by plane, it’s especially important to plan in advance.

You may start your day with a latte, or treat yourself to the traditional airport lounge wine at the start of your vacation, but both caffeine and alcohol can seriously disrupt your quality of sleep. Try to avoid them where possible.

The day before you board, avoid “heavy” foods, fatty or spicy meals as these can make your journey uncomfortable. Eat light meals made up of complex carbohydrates and protein to feel fuller for longer and make you less likely to snack on nutrient-deficient foods.

Fuelling up before take off, or taking your own healthy snacks on board, can help you opt out of the in-flight meals and salty, processed snacks. Eating the foods we’ve mentioned can help avoid “jet bloat”.

What does this have to do with your skin? We all know that our skin can often reflect how we feel on the inside. Flying is tough on your skin to begin with, but nourishing yourself from within can make all the difference when you land.

10. Why SPF is your BFF

Whether you’re jetting off to soaring temperatures or staying relatively local, don’t forget to apply SPF daily. Yes, even if there are clouds in the sky. Opt for a light and non-greasy SPF for daily application. If you’re spending time on the beach or by the pool in full sun, be sure to apply a minimum of factor 30 SPF regularly throughout the day.