Yulia Kovaleva, Founder of Re:Mind Studio

I opened Re:Mind in February 2018 and before that I’d been working on the project for about two years. It took ages to find the right space and really define the idea and concept. It was during my time at university that meditation first came into my life. I hadn’t experienced it before I moved to London from Moscow.
Over the years, I’ve had times when I was meditating and times when I wasn’t, but have always felt better when I include it in my daily routine. I wanted to create a dedicated space that offered all the different meditation styles, healing modalities, sound therapies and breathwork I’d learned.
We offer 35-40 classes per week, all of which take you on a journey through the senses; working with scent, colour, sound and touch and linking everything through breath. Using these techniques, we can trick our bodies into relaxation and trigger a hormonal reaction which turns the parasympathetic nervous system on – our rest and digest state.

When designing the studio, it was important to us to use lots of plants, warm lighting, pinkish colours and wood as these things all promote relaxation. Lots of people say that attending our classes is life changing. I feel like we’ve really raised awareness around meditation and healing modalities since we opened, giving a boost to our local community.
My biggest takeaway from meditation is that we’re basically perfect the way we are, we don’t need to strive to improve or change anything. I find that a lot of the fitness or even yoga and meditation classes around can come across as just another lecture about reaching the next place, but it’s about accepting that everything is great as it is right now. That’s probably the biggest revelation for me.

I burn out quite quickly, doing a lot of different things at once, so I’ve learned to really separate out my time. I’m not teaching right now because I can’t switch off quickly enough to move into the management side of things. I work my best when I feel like I’m in a meditative state throughout the whole day and everything just flows.
My morning routine has gone out the window since I had my son, it revolves around getting him fed and dressed and to nursery. I’ll attend classes at the studio at least four times a week, though. In the evenings I like cooking for my family. Most days I try to get to bed at the same time as my son at 9pm.

I would love to have one or two more studios in London but secretly I’m trying to relocate myself somewhere in nature, so I’d love to have a retreat hotel in the country. I’d like something that’s a blend between a medical spa and a healing retreat.
Find out more at www.remindstudio.com