As British Vogue’s Acting Shopping Director, Julia Brenard knows a thing or two about keeping her clothes in order. Here she shares her tips for tackling that wardrobe spring clean you may have been putting off.

Julia wears the Grey Cashmere Rollneck Sweater & matching Track Pants

2. Maximise your space

I recommend hanging as many of your clothes as possible because that way you can see exactly what you have. I like to group long items such as trousers, dresses, coats and jackets together, and then shorter items such as tops shorts and skirts.

It is best to fold jeans, T-shirts and jumpers in such a way that you can still tell what they are when they are stacked up, keeping defining details such as a print or interesting collar in view. This will make life easier when you are getting dressed in the morning.

I tend to swap things out of my wardrobe seasonally to use the available space to its full potential, for instance, I put my heavy winter coats and massive jumpers into sealed storage boxes in the loft over the summer months.

Julia’s Investment Pieces

“Once you have your wardrobe well organised, you can really begin to cherish the pieces you have and think carefully about what else you bring in.”