Cotton is one of the most sought after fibres in fashion; it’s affordable, durable and forms a part of almost every piece in your wardrobe. Cotton-blends are easier to take care of, but 100% cotton requires more care and attention to keep it at its best for years to come.

How often should you wash clothes?

Clothes that are made of 100% cotton should ideally be washed every two to three wears, depending on how soiled they get. However, always check the care labels of any items - regardless of its material - and follow the instructions closely. Some may have linings or interfacings that are not machine washable, whereas other items may only be suitable for cool handwashing.

How to store your cotton clothing

Cotton is an incredibly durable fabric and can be worn day-to-day with ease. Once washed, dried and ironed, your only consideration when storing is to prevent wrinkling; fold or hang cotton pants in a dresser, and always hang cotton shirts.

Moths and moth larvae aren’t a concern when it comes to cotton, as they prefer animal fibres over vegetable-based fibres, a problem that more commonly arises with cashmere care. If you are storing 100% cotton items long-term, you will need to take steps to protect them against carpet beetles and their larvae. Natural repellents, such as cedar oil and cedar balls, work exceptionally well.

For short-term storage, airtight plastic containers will protect against carpet beetles. However, for long-term storage, opt for fabric storage containers, as the cotton needs to breathe. Then store in cool, dark and dry spaces. Avoid attics and basements, as the fluctuations in temperature and humidity can damage cotton.

Repairing your cotton

Cotton is a very durable material, however, it can be prone to tears. Small rips can be repaired at home using a needle and thread. If you don’t have the time or necessary skills, a tailor or seamstress can perform more complex repairs.

How to make your cotton clothes last longer

- Always wash cotton clothes inside out to prevent fading

- Don’t overload your machine to ensure all items are washed properly

- Some cotton, such as denim, should be washed infrequently to help maintain its shape, colour and quality

- Using fabric softener will help cotton clothes feel softer and reduce wrinkling