Brand Values

When we first started Chinti & Parker in 2009, we made it our mission to work as responsibly and sustainably as possible, not because it was ‘on-trend’ – it wasn’t back then – but because we simply believed that that is how a business should be run. More than 10 years on, we still have the same outlook, but experience has taught us that in fashion – an industry whose foundation is admittedly built upon consumption and newness – it is often a case of ‘progress not perfection’. Here we outline our key brand values and the ways we are working hard to produce our seasonal collections in the most responsible fashion.

Love-forever style

Chinti & Parker is anti-fast fashion. We design and create our collections with longevity in mind, using the finest fabrics and yarns available to produce pieces that will endure the test of time. Visit our cashmere care guide here to learn how you can ensure your knitwear lasts a lifetime. 

Where your clothes are made

We work with family owned factories as well as vertical “end to end” factories; all of which provide unique specialist skills that meet our specific criteria. Click here to visit our ‘Supply Chain’ page to find out more about where our collections are made


We believe being able to trace the origin of our materials is key to sustainability. We must be able to identify the journey of a commodity from its conception to the finished product. We also promise to clearly communicate what our garments are made from and where they have been made. Learn the story behind our cashmere here , and find the sustainability tab on each product page to learn more about a specific garment’s journey.

Team Chinti visiting a factory in Inner Mongolia

How we give back

We work closely with Save The Children (STC) and Women for Women International (WFWI). In March 2022, we raised over £10,000 with 100% of profits from our Love Sweater and Tshirt going to STC’s Ukranian Humanitarian Appeal. We have previously supported Meals for the NHS with our Hearts for our NHS campaign, donating 100% of profits from five styles to the not for profit organisation. We are honoured to be supporting STC’s emergency fund which supports children effected by the climate crisis, including in Pakistan and East Africa. 100% profits from our ‘Oatmeal Love Conscious Cashmere Sweater’* will go directly to STC. *Chinti & Parker will donate 100% of profits from the sale of this item to the Save the Children Fund, a registered charity in England and Wales (2130890), Scotland (SC039570) and Isle of Man (199) in aid of the Children’s Emergency Fund, a registered charity in England and Wales (1062638). This is expected to be at least £70 per item.

The heart of our business

At Chinti & Parker, we pride ourselves on creating a work environment that prioritises diversity and inclusion. We encourage and support our team’s professional growth and wellbeing, so that our employees are empowered for success within their roles.